is one of many hookup apps on the market, but if you’re into black chicks, this one may be the perfect app for you. It claims to have real hot black girls that are ready to meet up for sex all over the country, but does it really work? We signed up and tried it, to see if you can really get laid with a sexy black girl on this app.

Sign Up and First Impressions

We were surprised with the number of girls on this app! It seems like there are a ton of black babes willing to meet up with you, all over the country. We’ve seen a lot of girls who are ready to meet up and have sex right now, but what’s surprising is how many girls are actually looking for some NSA sex, like we are!

When you join up, it seems like the site takes a little time to set up, as you have to choose your location and the type of girl you’d like to hook up with. Once you get that set up, there are a lot of great profiles on this site. We were able to scroll through them and we liked a few girls who were sexy and seemed ready to hook up with some NSA sex.

Once you find a girl on the app you’re interested in, it’s time to send her a message to set up a meeting. We sent a message to one of the girls on the site, and the message was sent immediately. We were surprised at how fast she replied to us, since often girls won’t reply at all. Features

This app is pretty straight forward. You simply browse profiles of users near you, and can send them messages. You can also send photos in private messages. Once you’ve met a girl, the app will give you an option to set up a video chat with the girl. It’s really cool to have an option to video chat with the, as you’ll be able to see her while you’re actually talking to her. It’s a very natural way to get to know her, and you can get to know her better, than with a text message.

If you’ve had any trouble hooking up in real life, this app has a unique feature to help. It has a feature that connects your phone number to your account, so you can have people call you in real life, and you can choose to answer those calls or ignore them. It sounds like a cool idea, and we have to admit we wish we could set up this type of feature on our own phones.

Another feature we noticed while using the app was that you can set up your location settings, so it’s pretty easy to meet girls in any location in the United States. Pros

Free. The app is completely free, with the ability to text and video chat with girls.

Easy to Use. It’s really easy to use, you can view pictures and profiles of girls who are nearby you and message them to start up a meeting.

Fun. This app makes it easy to find and meet girls who are nearby.

The app offers NSA sex. If you want NSA sex, this app has the most variety of girls who are willing to fuck you.

The app is a great hookup app. With the ability to text and video chat, you can quickly get laid with ease.

Black Cons

There is no way to block certain types of people who are using the app, based on location or other options. You have to manually block each person individually. It’s a bit annoying, but not really a problem with this app.


If you are looking for NSA sex, this is the perfect app for you. There are girls around you, who are ready to fuck you, and you can easily meet them. This app will not cost you anything, and you can use it completely for free. We found a lot of sexy black girls who are looking for NSA sex, so if you are ready to get laid, download the app today.